Galledari mosque

Located at the heart of Bandar Abbas, Galedari Mosque was built in 1878 during the reign of Nasser-al Din Shah Qajar (1831-1896). Built on top of 1.5-meter-high platform, Galedari Mosque has a courtyard, Shabistan (inner sanctum), minarets and a beautiful Mihrab (prayer niche). The spacious Shabistan of this mosque has 36 pillars adorned with stucco reliefs. According to the stone inscription in the mosque, Haj Sheikh Ahmad Galedari built the mosque in place of an older structure.

Sitting on the western side of the mosque is the Mihrab, which is 1.30 meters deep and four meters high with stucco relief decorations. There are several cupboards in the side of the Mihrab where books and other items can be stored. Part of the courtyard of this mosque has been covered for the use of people performing communal prayers. Galedari Mosque has been registered as a National Heritage Site.

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