White Bridge

Ahwaz is built on the banks of the Karun River and is situated in the middle of Khūzestān Province. The city has an average elevation of 20 meters above sea level. It is the largest city in Khuzestan and is regarded as that area's capital.

The Ahvaz Bridge later called the White Bridge was officially inaugurated on Sep, 21, 1936. Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the rule of Reza Shah of Pahlavi Dynasty. Primary studies regarding the most suitable location for the bridge were completed on May, 31 1933 in order to connect the Bandar-e Shapour through the new Ahvaz Bridge to the Trans-Iranian Railway system which was also under construction. On June, 7, 1934, the Ministry of Roads and Streets commissioned a Swedish company with the project at a total sum of 5,708,000 Rials to be paid in 12 checks by Melli Bank of Iran.

On Oct, 21, 1935 foundation works started and by Feb, 20th 5 of 7 concrete foundations had been installed in a dazzling paste considering the available technology at the time. On Aug, 10, 1935, the first steel frame of the structure was installed. About a year later, on Aug, 3, 1936 the concrete work was completed and 3 days later, the asphalt work started. A week later final touches including cabling for electricity started.

Finally after necessary tests had been performed, the Ahvaz Bridge was completed and delivered to local authorities on Sep, 21, 1936. The bridge was officially inaugurated on Nov, 6, 1936.

The useful life of the bridge was primarily estimated at 50 years, therefore 75 years later, a renovation project started as the bridge had become of historical value. The White Bridge of Ahvaz was registered as National Heritage of Iran. Ahvaz currently has eight bridges on the Karun River.

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