Iran Ski set to rise sharply

Iran, host to many unique cultural treasures largely unseen by western eyes, is expecting a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting the country in the wake of the historic nuclear deal. The country provides the vacation you've always dreamed of it, to be close to nature, forget all about your daily worries and just enjoy life!. Situated in the heart of Iran, a mere 60km north east of Tehran, only 3 hours drive from Tehran, this charming setting is perfect for families and those who prefer less commercialized places but want everything at their doorstep.

Dizin Ski Resort is situated on the northern mountains of Tehran The lowest point of the region is 2650 m and the highest point is 3600 meters above sea level. Low traffic and surrounded my majestic mountains this area is excellent for a real getaway. There are 16 ski resorts in Iran, which Dizin is the most famous one. there is a wide variety of terrain, for many ski runs with max, 850 meters vertical drop. There is something for everyone, from long rolling cruising runs to wide bowls or narrow chutes. Dizin winter & summer international ski resort is located in North west of Tehran. where can offer you & your family a variety of sports activities to enjoy your short break fully Following facilities are available in Dizin such as hotel restaurant, ski school, tennis & volleyball courts, children playground & summer grass skiing . Skiing facilities are available in the resort for hire; therefore you do not need to bring your gears. On site the ski school uses the international teaching method, which makes your learning more enjoyable. Ski school office located at the bottom near Darren gondola.Wide slopes are ideal for beginners, families and intermediates. For the experts there are black run treats and exciting, splendid off-piste opportunities. You can also ski all the way back to the village and to your hotel.

I recently heard some wonderful news that Darbandsar a private resort, has been extended, with a new cabin-car, and a new chair-lift that takes you all the way to the summit, heralding in more and better snow, longer pistes, a longer ski season, and most important of all, a beautiful view of Mount Damavand.

Skiing in Iran is something for the true skiing enthusiast. The skiing is excellent thanks to the very good snow quality and substantial vertical drop. There are two very large mountain ranges in Iran: the Alborz Mountains, which stretch from east to west, and the Zagros Mountains, which run north to south. The Alborz Mountains contain several peaks over 4,000 m, where the highest peak is the volcano Mount Damavand at 5,671 m. Several ski resorts are located in the Alborz Mountains and the largest, Dizin, is about three hours north of Iran’s capital Tehran.

The groomed area consists mostly of gentle slopes, but within a reasonable distance from the lifts are several bowls and couloirs for those looking for something more challenging. One should stay around the lift system, where the snow conditions are usually very good. Our experienced trail guide will ensure many long powder runs. Don’t miss the great après-ski, tea and water pipe.

Typical Ski Trip

Day 1 - Meet up in Tehran At the airport of Teheran, you meet up with ’ tour leader and then transfer up to the mountains. After checking into the hotel, you can eat a late dinner and charge our batteries before the following day.

Day 2 – 5. Dizin After breakfast, one leave for the trails or explore the surrounding ski terrain. Dizin’s piste machines concentrate on the area nearest to the lifts, meaning that there are large areas of easily accessible off-piste skiing to make use of. To increase skiing safety, we also include an avalanche course that mixes theory and practice. Skiing at Dizin is at altitudes between 2,700 and 3,500 metres.

Day 6 – 7. Dizin/Shemshak - When it’s convenient, you can go over the nearby resort Shemshak and try the skiing there for a few days. On the morning of day 7, you can leave the slopes and head back to Tehran, where we check out the bazaars and the crowds of people. The contrasts are amazing, from the quiet of the mountains to a buzzing city with 12 million inhabitants. Walking around the city is an adventure in itself. You can visit, among others, the energy-filled 500-year old bazaar and perhaps a local mosque.

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