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From active journeys, safaris and adventure cruises to cycling holidays, expeditions and extreme sports, people are increasingly shunning the traditional resort holiday in favour of a break that pushes the boundaries. With this being the case, it comes as no surprise that adventure travel continues to be one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors of our industry. 

For some, adventure is all about reaching for new horizons with treks to Kilimanjaro, mountain biking through Iran, rafting down the Zambezi or Ski in Alborz Mountains. For others the emphasis is on unusual cultural interactions – spending time with the Saami in Lapland or the Fishing in Caspian Sea – while many more look to activity sports, off-the-beaten-track experiences, or exceptional wildlife encounters as their definition of the word ‘adventure’. The common denominator for all is that settling for the mundane is simply not part of the game plan. 

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Horse Riding and Sightseeing

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Horse Riding and Sightseeing

A 14 day horse riding tour and visiting the major sights of the great cities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.

Horse riding holiday in Iran is simply, unique. It take place in the Tukoman Stepper to the North East of the Caspian Sea and in the National Golestan Park. This is an area of extraordinary historical/cultural and natural interest.

The area particularly is famous for its horses and their mythical speed, endurance and beauty. Turkmans are a semi-nomadic tribe who originated in the Central Asian steppes, archetypal nomad warriors and horse breeders. The stamina of Turkman raceshorses is legendary, The Turkmen horse valued above all other possessions by the kings, emperors and aristocrats of three continents throughout three millennia of history. Alexander The Great captured hundreds of the horses to return to Eourpe after his Persian Campaigns, and the modern Thoroughbred owens everying to Turkmans blood bred directly and indirectly through the great lines.

This tour is a unique opportunity to ride the world’s original hot-blooded horses, and visit Turkoman tradition, carpets, clothes lifestyle and ceremonies and ejoying thier hospitality and food. The riding will be in and around the Iran’s oldest National Park at Golestan. This mountainous region provides a magnificent diverse natural habitat for animals including leopard, gazelle, wild sheep, ibex, wild boar, birds such as the colourful kingfisher, the Siberian and wild flowers.

You will explore the north of the country to the east of the Caspian Sea where the Elborz Mountains form a fertile green belt. The rides will be 6 to 8 hours a day in a wide circle through the forested slopes and open plateau of the Golestan National Park over various terrain. There will be frequent breaks to rest both the riders and the horses.

The itinerary includes an optional tour after the ride to the important historical sites of Shiraz, Persepolis and Isfahan.

You can either join in our set tours with the set dates or we can plan an itinerary to match your aspirations and requirement. This allows you to explore your own interests backed by our specialist.

Dates 2016

  • 11 May – 24 May
  • 21 Sep – 04 Oct


Arrive in Tehran, meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Overnight Tehran.

Days 2, Tehran-Gorgan

Transfer to the domestic flight airport for the flight to Gorgan. Arrive in Gorgan, meet at the airport and transfer to horse riding centre. To get to know the horses. Overnight at the centre.

Day 3, Horse Riding

Day 4, Horse Riding

Day 5, Horse Riding

Day 6, Horse Riding

Day 7, Horse Riding

Back to horse riding centre. Overnight at the centre.

Day 8, Gorgan-Tehran

Transfer to airport for the flight to Tehran, meet at the airport and transferr to your hotel. Overnight Tehran.

Day 09, Tehran-Shiraz

Meet at the hotel to transfer to the Mehrabad airport for the flight to Shiraz Meet at Shiraz airport for a full day exploring Shiraz itself, visiting the Eram Garden, Hafez and Saadi Tombs, and the colourful Bazaar. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 10, Shiraz-Persepolis-Isfahan

After breakfast leave hotel to visit the tombs of Nagsh-e Rostam which is magnificently cut into a cliff high above the ground, bas relief and archaeological site of Naghsh –e Rajab. Then the highlight of any visits to Iran – Darius the Greats’ fabulous Persepolis. After a few hours at the site we make our way back to Shiraz airport for the flight to Isfahan. Arrive in Isfahan airport and transfer to your hotel. (495km 7-8 hours). Overnight Isfahan.

Day 11, Isfahan:

Isfahan, flashing with brilliant aquamarine mosaic domes, lofty minarets, and some of the world’s finest architecture, is a visual treat and the indisputable centre of attraction for everyone.

The sites you will visit include:Royal Square-Imam Mosque -Aliqapou Palace -Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Chehel Sotoun ,Hasht Behesht Palaces (Eight Paradises) ,Zorkhaneh

Day 12, Isfahan

Friday Mosque, The Bridges of Isfahan ,Khajoo bridge,Si-o-se-pol,Vank Cathedral -The ‘Shaking Minarets’, Sassanian Fire Temple – The ruins of a Zoroastrian, part-Mongol edifice. Located at top of the hill and the place of worship for Overnight Isfahan Zoroastrians. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 13 Isfahan-Tehran

Drive to Tehran, (435km 6-7 hours). Overnight Tehran.

Day 14 Tehran

Transfer to the airport for the return flight.

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